Friday, January 28, 2011

Oh Logistics...

So determining the order of the journal is headache inducing!  I nearly have the order for the first journal complete, I just need two more people leaving between January and June (working on getting a Thailander!)

These first few are pretty definite since I need to include a list of the first few addresses in the book itself:
1) Jessica in Zambia
2) Liz in Uganda
3) Renee in Malawi
4) Emily in Senegal
5) Ryan in Morocco

From there it will most like travel out of Africa and to South America to meet up with Miss Strix and our C/S America PCVs, then to Eastern Europe and Asia, and then back to Africa for the second group of Africa volunteers.

After looking at time frames and trying to estimate how long it may take to ship between countries, each person will basically need to ship the book one week after getting it in order to keep things on track AND account for mail mishaps.


  1. Hi kimberly...I guess you didn't get my message??? I was wanting to join the project. I've been in an art book exchange that I developed a couple of years ago and it's so rewarding. Can you use another gal from Ukraine?

  2. Have you tried Kylene? She has an awesome blog and left for Thailand a few weeks ago!

  3. Jo- I got swamped with e-mails and setting things up, so I forgot to respond! I am sorry! We are only going to double up on PCVs in countries if we cannot find people in 50 countries for the year or if others fall out of the project. I was thinking of doing one for our Ukraine group though, maybe you'd like to put that together? :)

    Kelly: I haven't sent her a message, but I have asked another Thailander to ask around for me to see if he can find anyone interested. If you could message her about it, that would be great!

  4. I would totally love to be involved! I just haven't gotten invited yet... small hitch. Once that happens, if you need countries I'll check back. :)

  5. I saw a couple Fiji's so I'll send them messages. If we could interest one of them, then we'd have all of the regions covered!

  6. UPS would be proud. "That's logistics!"

    I added your RSS feed to my Google Reader, so should be on top of things now.

    - Ryan S.

  7. You should put the statistics on the main page so we can see how many people are visiting this :)

  8. I feel like it should go to Strix pretty soon, doesn't she leave like next week?

  9. She does leave next week, but by my estimations, everyone should be able to get it in time :)

  10. Yay! I'm very excited about this project. I'm already planning my page ^_^

  11. So excited :) I wonder, if anyone magically has access to a scanner in country they should definitely scan the book in as it is when they receive it. I've gotten things in the mail before ripped in half with a note from USPS saying "Sorry, we damaged your mail" ....

  12. I hope someone does! I was planning on trying to take really good pictures of it once I get it..

  13. That's a great idea! I will try to remember to do the same.

  14. great ideas! Kim O., i can't believe that you've figured out the logistics so quickly, we're so lucky to have someone like you! and someone like you deserves help so let us know what we can do if there's work to delegate!
    -Kim A.

  15. regarding mail service, I know that our country (Cape Verde) gets mail pretty quickly through Boston in the US (letter usually only take 1 to 3 weeks) and CV is also usually a stopover on the way to South Africa. So getting mail to/from either of those continents might be fastest for us.

    Current PCVs have also advised that people should label packages sent to us "school supplies" or "religious materials" to lessen the chances they are opened. I don't envy you the planning of this stage! hope we can contribute! Thanks :)

  16. Kelly,

    I am a RPCV, Tandag, Surigao del Sur, Republic of the Philppines and I work for UPS,

    Feel free to talk logistics with me and will try to "advocate" to help your great blog and your great project.

    In Peace,


    -- [business]