Shipping Suggestions!

Since the mail systems vary greatly country to country, here are some tips to help the journal arrive at each destination in a timely manner:

1) Use a padded envelope! It is less likely to be opened and tampered with since they tend to be much harder to open.  Plus, you can only receive small pieces flat mail at your training site address.
2) Write the address clearly!  If an address is provided in two languages, use both :)  Also be sure to include your return address, just in case.
3) Use some religious terminology on the package, such as "God Bless" etc.
4) SEND VIA AIRMAIL! Be sure to write "Par Avion"/"Air Mail" on the envelope.  Since the journal weighs less than a pound, it should not be overly expensive.  Not sending it airmail will mean waiting up to 4 months for the journal to reach it's next destination!  If you are sending it within the same continent, do some research to determine if regular ground mail will arrive in an adequate amount of time.
5) If you must declare a value, use $5 or so.
6) When you get the journal, cut out any awesome postage and shipping stamps from the envelope and include them in the back pocket of the journal so we can create an awesome cover later on :)