Monday, March 7, 2011

50 Countries achieved!


Although, we will probably be having 4 journals for the sake of logistics since travel time estimates show that not everyone would get the journal twice during their service.  Since I now have to purchase another 2 journals and SD cards, I am taking donations! Even if it is only $,1 it will help! You can submit it via PayPal to:
 k i m b e r l e y r o s e p h o t o @ g m a i l . c o m (without the spaces, damn trolling software for making me type it out like that).  Each journal is about $20 plus the 2 SD card has us looking at $45.  I am not one from trying to drum up money, but I cannot afford this with no job and still having to get stuff for my own service! (Success!)

If you are a part of the project, please check your e-mail as I sent out a long an informative e-mail today :)

On another note, we have some people leaving this week!
Emily B. is leaving on a jet plane for Senegal while Emily J. heads to Kazakhstan.  Safe travels, ladies!


  1. Congratulations, Kim!! You did it!!

    Safe travels to those leaving this week.

  2. I will donate some money on Friday when I get paid. Thanks for all your work on this project!!!