Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's finally June!

Well everyone, this is a big week in the Snapshots world. It's my last week updating the blog with departures because I'm heading to staging for Mongolia on Wednesday. Susan N, our South Africa rep, will be taking over and finish up June and July, then we're all out in our respective countries. Exciting! If you're not already following the blog, you should because Brittany B in Paraguay has an idea on how to make this blog more interesting and helpful for everyone. She thinks it'd be good if we incorporated the journal idea into this blog and show a universal Peace Corps experience. Like combining all of our blogs into this one that everyone can take advantage of. Of course, attempting this while we're all in country with sketchy internet makes it difficult to organize, but stay tuned.

And on to the other reason it's a big week - so many departures! Besides me, we have Jenny C. going to Lesotho, Kelly G. going to Cameroon, Amy G. going to Mali, Katy T. to Togo, and Ashley E. to Armenia. Hopefully we all have good staging experiences and first weeks in country!

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