Friday, July 1, 2011

Final Countdown!

This is the final departures entry.  As a group, we are almost all in place (at least on our way out of the USA... or almost!).  During this week Megan T. left for China, Val S. headed to Jamaica, and Nehama R. set out for the Philippines. That leaves myself leaving for South Africa next week, Jamie A. going to El Savador, and Kate and Chris M. traveling to Cambodia in a little over a couple of weeks.  That's it!!! With the earliest departures being months ago, our project is very much underway.  Looking forward to reading about others' experiences and having some of my own to share real soon.  Susan N.


  1. Good luck to everyone, and to you Susan, as you head to S. Africa! Woo!

  2. This is so exciting! Good luck and safe travels everyone!