Sunday, January 15, 2012

Let's Play "Catch-up!"

First thing first: Where are the journals now?
Vol. I is still on its way to (or in) Madagascar.
Vol. II was sent to Bulgaria 5 months ago. But you know what? It never made it out of Guyana and was recently discovered at the post office. It will be sent to our new Bulgarian PCV, Amy E. Let's cross our fingers and hope it makes it there in a timely fashion!
Vol. III is in the land of the unknown between Kyrgyz Republic and Thailand...STILL.
Vol. IV is also MIA between Paraguay and Peru. It would awesome for it to show up sometime soon!

So I am sure you are thinking: "Well this doesn't look good. How the hell will everyone get the journal even ONCE at this pace?!" Good question. I feel like revising our goals may be a smart move. So here is the back-up plan. Get two more journals circulating the globe to help with the time issue. My mom is rather awesome and has offered to buy these for the project and send them to Jessica H. to send out. The other part of the plan is accepting that since everyone may not get the journal twice during service, we continue it after we return home and fill it in the second time as a RPCV. Not an ideal situation, but it would put a nice end on the whole thing.

In other news, as a bit of a follow-up...
The last post on this blog mentions how Jessica H. will be participating as a MedSep'd PCV. She has recently started a blog about her reason for being medically separated from the Peace Corps: She contracted HIV while in Zambia. I highly recommend you read her blog. It details her story and provides so much valuable information about HIV. I am so proud to call Jessica a friend and think that her openness about such a personal issue and experience is beyond amazing and brave. You can read her blog here.


  1. Sounds good! Anxiously awaiting Volume III! Come on guys!

  2. Journal IV has been in Paraguay for like... 4 months or more? I promise to make my entry quick once it arrives in Peru!

  3. any updates on whereabouts?