Wednesday, February 23, 2011

All Caught Up

My compose tab for the Bio page is not letting me view it to edit, so I have been behind on updating it with new people.  I have been putting it off because I discovered that if I use IE, then I can access that tab! Downside it that the font won't change over if I copy and paste, so I had to re-type all the new ones!  Oh well, it is done and fairly beautiful :)

We are at 46 Countries! Once I get all 50 countries situated, I will post up the find lists for how each journal will travel in a new tab at the top!  So keep a lookout and keep sending new invitees my way!  Since Miss Emily J. in Kazakhstan will be heading up one of the journals, I will be e-mailing people who will be in the same journal with her information and vice versa since she will be your contact point for address changes and journal updates.

I will be sending out the second journal before I leave next month to Kyle in Thailand.  I am just waiting on his SITE ADDRESS! Yay!

Speaking of site addresses, please make sure once all of you get yours that you pass them this way (which I know will not be for awhile).  And I am still missing some training addresses for about 11 people, so if you haven't sent me yours, please do so soon :)

Again, thanks to everyone who is participating and who have been helping to find people to participate, it has been a great help :)


  1. Thanks for all your hard working in organizing this. It's exciting to be a part of something even bigger than what we thought our PC service would be!

  2. Kim you are awesome! I appreciate your hard work on bringing this idea to fruition. So excited to be a part of it!