Saturday, February 5, 2011

Thanks Everyone!

I have loved seeing people post about this project and trying to get others involved.  We are currently at 33 people in 33 countries! That means we only have 17 more people to find!

If anyone spots someone heading to any of these countries (which have staging dates on PC wiki), let them know about Snapshots:
Albania, Georgia, Honduras, Liberia, Madagascar, Mexico, Mozambique, Nicaragua, or Tanzania

I am sure there are more countries out there, but those are what I found at a quick glance.

Also, I would love to send some special thanks to Tracy who took on collecting everyone's hometowns and service dates (in addition to creating an FB group) and Emily J. who will be taking on the task of handling addresses for Volume 2 (So expect to hear from her if you are leaving in June or later!)  And to everyone else who has offered to help out, thanks to you as well!


  1. if i get an invite, i am interested! (currently nominated for ssa in june...qualified for placement and if my placement officer goes by what she told me 2 weeks ago, i will know by this week!)

  2. My invite is in the mail going to Africa with a June departure date. If it's a country that's not on the list and you are still looking for people I would love to be a part of it! Or maybe Africa's already over represented. Either way I look forward to following this project. It is really a fantastic idea.

  3. Okay, ladies! E-mail me when you get those invites :)

  4. my invite is for malawi! i know you already have someone for malawi, but if you want a second person (different departure/program), let me know!